tirsdag 30. september 2014

Inuk and Qanik on trip

Close together before the trip
LPA in his new Inuk from Seabird
The Qanik and me
Sharp left turn, with the mountain TORGHATTEN in the background

lørdag 13. september 2014

onsdag 2. juli 2014

Guiding tourists

A beautiful saturday arrived. 

Putting on drysuits just in case.

The qrux of the trip was getting into the kayaks.

Paddling with style. 

Halfway we took a pitstop at Kvaløya. Beautiful place with an interesting history.

The Qanik

A cup of coffee was just what we needed. 

The mountain Torghatten in the background. 

tirsdag 10. juni 2014

søndag 8. juni 2014

Nordhussundet og Kvaløya

Desided I would go for a evening kayaktrip
The weather was dim but I liked it. 
So did these two seaguls
Even met some black cows this evening. 
This is Kvaløya, until 1930 this used to be the place where fishermen came to sell their catch. 
When the ships got bigger the harbour became to shallow. 
This were just there for me to take a photo. 
This is an old abandoned place. 
Had to stop too take a look. 
The boat house had seen better days. 
Inside were just like going back a 50 years. 
The horse shoe is turned wrong so their luck ran out. 
The nature is taking over. 
Even the birds have moved out. 
In the old days the bottles were glass and in different colours. 
The new camera is doing its job : )

torsdag 5. juni 2014

Hestøya og Kvaløya


Navionics app.

In a beautiful weather I tracked 8,8 km around these islands. Going through the Brønnøysund under the bridge while the sun sets behind Torghatten. On my return I met these lovely women.

There will be more pictures when I get my waterproof kamera. It's in the mail 

søndag 1. juni 2014


A beautiful place where there once lived a family. Now it's deserted and no one takes care of it. 
The trip over were only 15 minutes. There was some headwind so I got warm in the neoprene. 
The kids tried kayaking around the island in the beautiful light around midnight. 
The tent is up and ready for the night. 
In the morning the Qanik got tested and Tony liked how it handled. 
The weather was beautiful and the return the next day was nice.